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the pretty little cunt日韩久久无码精品不卡一区二区电影

copyright: Lesley Tara, 2010It is the annual alumni reunion event at the Lauderton High School, which they hold in the large gymnasium in the main school building.The events in these stories take place at various times during the evening, and to different characters; they are not chapters of the same story, but a series of separate takes.We are the invisible camera, panning around the scene and then zooming in for a close-up ...TAKE FIVERaquel Fuentes was taking little satisfaction from the fact that the evening was fulfilling her expectation of being both long and tedious – a complete drag, in fact.She never enjoyed these events, not having a great fund of small talk, and attended only as a matter of duty and courtesy.In truth, she was much more comfortable with the normal teacher-student relationship, and found it surprisingly awkward to be chatting to former pupils on this social basis.This was not because of any unpopularity: she was probably around average in that respect, keeping definite control of her classes and ensuring that they made steady progress through the history curriculum without any discursive sidetracks, however interesting or amusing they might be.It just felt strange and artificial, and she suspected that some of those with whom she had exchanged vague and cliched remarks had been feeling just the same ... although, in that case, as they didn’t have to be here, why did they come?There had been a few pleasanter moments, of course, such as encountering Hayley Statten – she had heard on the grapevine that Hayley had come out openly as gay (something Ms Fuentes had suspected when she had taught the girl), and had particularly wanted to be nice to her, partly on general principle, and partly ... well, who knows where things can sometimes lead!But they had been joined almost immediately by another former student, a rather voluble chatterbox, and after a couple of minutes Hayley had politely excused herself and had drifted away towards the far end of the room.The time seemed to be passing at a snail’s pace, as Raquel found from her constant checking of the clock over the entrance doorway.She knew that a large part of her restiveness was due to craving a cigarette – she was seriously trying to give up smoking, and by cutting down in stages she had manage to reduce to just three a day.Having run out of obvious people to talk to, she considered that she could surely slip out for a few minutes, and have just one smoke – if she did, she was sure that she would feel much less on edge.Heartened by this plan, Raquel looked in her tote bag, only to find to her dismay that the cigarette packet was empty – although she was sure that she had not had three already today, had she?She felt cross with herself – she should have realised that she would need one this evening!Then, she remembered that she had left part of a packet locked in the desk in her classroom as an ‘emergency reserve’, and if this didn’t rate as dire necessity, she didn’t know what did.Raquel left the gymnasium unobtrusively, timing her moment carefully whilst the Principal had her back turned to the door.Raquel’s classroom was on the upper floor and quite some distance away, as it looked out over the rear of the building.She was in no hurry to get back to the boring reunion, and so she sauntered along slowly, killing as much time as possible.As she turned the corner into the last section of corridor, she found that it was already illuminated – and as she approached her classroom, the very last one at the end on the right, she was even more surprised to see that its lights seemed to be on as well.Her first reaction was that the cleaners must have left them switched on by mistake, although these things were usually checked.From an ingrained sense of caution, she approached slowly and quietly, and looked through the small glass window set in its door.She didn’t know what she had expected to see, but it was certainly not this: the small dark form of Alice Mason was bent over the teacher’s personal desk – from which one of the locked drawers had been opened with some sort of keys, and several papers taken out.Ms Fuentes realised with shock that these were the tests that the class would be taking over the next few weeks, and which would play a large part in determining the students’ final grades.The little cheat, she thought angrily, the little bitch is cheating on the tests!She had been pleased that Alice had been doing well in class, thinking that it was due to hard work – and, yes, to her own clear and precise teaching – and that the black girl was of different material from her two lazy and insolent older brothers (both of whom, fortunately, were no longer students).Instead, she was even worse – she was deliberately cheating by finding out in advance what the questions were!No wonder she had been getting high marks, she must have been staying behind when school finished for the day and sneaking back into the classroom.Ms Fuentes couldn’t figure out how the girl had been able to unlock her desk and leave no trace, but from the incontrovertible evidence in front of her eyes, it must be so.The teacher was seething with anger and disappointment, but, as she surreptitiously watched the pretty teenager for another moment, other feelings stirred as well – she would teach the little hussy a lesson for sure, but she might as well get some personal satisfaction on the way!Alice Mason was certainly a tempting sight, especially for anyone whose tastes ran to young and innocent-looking girls.The ebony-skinned 11th grader was strikingly attractive in a slim, tomboyish way.She was quite petite, being only five feet two inches tall and having a slender figure; she had small but pert A cup breasts that scarcely needed a bra (and Ms Fuentes had noticed that often she did not bother with one), and her best feature was the trim little ass that was usually well-outlined in her habitual tight denim jeans or shorts.Alice was seventeen years old but looked much more like fifteen (often having to show ID to prove her age), and the fact that her long straight dark hair was normally kept tied in two ponytails enhanced the impression of innocent youth.She had full and slightly pouty lips, gleaming straight white teeth, a broad but well-proportioned nose, and large deep brown eyes;.For her work at the reunion this evening, she was dressed in a pair of straight-leg black trousers, a plain white short-sleeve shirt, and quite smart black sneakers; in this ensemble, she looked both neat and pretty – in fact, thought the teacher, pretty neat.Having come to a decision, Raquel jerked the door open and entered the classroom.‘Well, Alice Mason – what do you think you’re doing?’ she snapped curtly.Alice shrieked, dropping the test paper that she had been holding and staggering backwards until she bumped into the wall behind her.Almost fainting from shock, she stared transfixed at the angry figure of Ms Fuentes, who was blocking the only exit from the room, hands on hips and glaring fiercely at her.Fright at having been discovered and a dawning realisation of the consequences it might entail came over Alice, and she gave a broken kind of whimper.Why, why, oh why, had she ever listened to her brother George and his stupid plan, when he had lent her these ‘skeleton keys’ and demonstrated their use! – and where had he found that out anyway, probably from that gang that he was running on the fringes of, no good was going to come of that, and what was going to happen to her now, she was in deep deep shit – all of these thoughts tumbled chaotically through Alice’s mind, as she stood horror-struck, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, and quivering like a cornered gazelle.Ms Fuentes moved in on her prey, glad to see that the girl had no resistance in her and was not going to bluster and deny the obvious or try to make a run for it.Fuelled by a hurt sense of trust betrayed, the teacher was still very cross, although the heat of her anger was partly abating as another kind of heat ignited in her loins.‘Alice!How could you?You little cheat ... you’ve let me down very badly!What have you done? – oh, what a mess you’ve made of things!’The teacher’s mouth set in a firm line – now was the moment to play her trump card, exaggerating it for maximum effect.She continued: ‘This is extremely serious, and I shall have to inform the Principal at once! – your test scores will have to be reduced to zero, and in other subjects as well, quite likely!Your grade point average is going to go through the floor – anyway, I can’t see you getting into any college now, not with this on your record!In fact, this is probably burglary – those keys are certainly illegal – and we may have to call in the police and you’ll end up in jail!’Alice was stricken with terror – suddenly everything she wanted, everything she hoped for, was in peril of vanishing forever.Oh, sweet Jesus, why had she ever taken this mad, bad risk?!The girl felt a rising wave of hysteria and she lurched forwards to the side of the teacher’s desk, clutching at its edge for support, as her stomach retched and a taste of bitter bile struck the back of her throat.However, there was nothing to vomit up – she had been so anxious about her secret plan for the evening that she had been unable to eat anything before leaving home, although whilst serving at the reunion she had managed covertly to sneak a couple of glasses of the fizzy wine for a kind of Dutch courage – she never normally tasted alcohol, and they were adding to her world-turned-upside-down sense of disorientation.The petite black teenager gasped weakly, and extended a shaking hand pleadingly to her captor.‘Oh, no! – nooo!! please – please, Ms Fuentes, anything but that!Oh, please, please don’t, no!’The petite teen sobbed convulsively, tears coursing down her cheeks.‘I’ve never ever done this before, really, I promise you, never, this was the first time – there’s been no other opportunity, just tonight.’The schoolgirl gave a broken wail: ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’ve been so stupid – why did I listen to Georgie, let him tempt me with these stupid keys of his – oh, I know I never should have, I know it’s all my fault – oh, God!I wish I hadn’t, I wish I hadn’t!The teacher’s stern expression relented slightly at this abject flood.So that’s where this bright idea had come from – not sweet little hard-working Alice after all!Yes, that fitted, it sounded exactly like the kind of dodge that D.G. ‘da guy’ Mason would think up, but still Alice should never have carried it through.‘Why did you then?’ Raquel asked, in a less hostile tone.‘Oh, Ms Fuentes, I was just desperate to do well – I’ve worked and done my very best all year, you know I have [the teacher nodded at this] and I need really top grades, I want to get into a good college – not be like my brothers, they’re just drifting, wasting themselves, getting involved with gangs – I don’t want to be like that!’The African-American girl looked at the Hispanic woman with a sudden burning intensity, her determination, motivation and ambition shining through, and on a rising note she concluded: ‘I want to get somewhere – I want to be someone, do something worthwhile!’Raquel felt the tight knot of her own shock and anger melt in the face of this transparently honest declaration.She couldn’t fault the sentiments or the aims – of course, she could not approve of these methods, but there were other ways in which she could help Alice, help her to achieve her goals honestly, in a way that she could feel proud of.The experienced teacher would take the tomboyish teen under her wing ... and, along the way, she would teach her many things, give the schoolgirl experiences which she might well come to like, whilst she was trading her favours in return for her teacher’s favour.Very well, thought the older woman, let the first lesson begin!She picked up some tissues from the box she kept on her desk, and gently wiped away Alice’s tears.In a much softer and warmer tone, she soothed the frightened girl:‘So ... if this is really, really the only time ... ’‘Oh yes, truly – truly, it is!’ broke in Alice, as desperate hope began to stir in her heart.The teacher continued past this interjection: ‘... and you haven’t properly seen the tests ...’Sensing that she was being offered a lifeline, Alice was almost babbling: ‘Oh, no!I only just started to look at them, it took ages to get the drawer open, my hands were shaking so much, I’d only just opened it when you came in – and I am so sorry, really really sorry!’‘Hmm ... so, you want me to overlook this, treat it as just a foolish mistake?Not to tell anyone, to let it go – for it to be just our secret?’Alice’s tear-streaked youthful face was shining with tremulous and burgeoning hope ... could it be possible?Might wonderful Ms Fuentes (who she had genuinely always liked and respected anyway) really be that kind?Oh! if only, if only she could escape this frightful nightmare, never again would she ever cross the line between right and wrong – she should have known it would be her undoing!‘Well’, responded Ms Fuentes, her voice becoming a little husky, ‘if you want me to forget about this, you’ll have to give me something much pleasanter to remember instead – won’t you?’She arched her eyebrows and moved even closer to Alice, a speculative expression on her face.The teacher cupped the schoolgirl’s chin in her hand, raising it so that Alice was looking directly into her eyes.Holding the teen transfixed with her gaze, Ms Fuentes traced her fingers down Alice’s neck and body to the crotch of her trousers, and then – making her meaning quite unmistakeable – rubbed along where the seam pressed against the girl’s slit, causing her to start and shiver like a frightened colt.The petite African-American was surprised and astonished: there had been some rumours about Ms Fuentes, but she had never paid any attention to them – the most ludicrous things were said about all sorts of people, staff and students alike.Until now, she had never seen anything to substantiate the claim that Ms Fuentes was a lezzie ... but it seemed that, this time, there was no smoke without fire, and quite a conflagration at that!There had been no previous hint of sexual interest from the teacher, but the insistent touch of the woman’s hand against her most intimate place allowed of no ambiguity.Alice gulped and swallowed, understanding completely the deal that she was being offered – and knowing that it was one which she could not possibly afford to refuse, for the alternative was utter disaster.The girl’s stomach was suddenly queasy, but not exactly with revulsion.She experienced a light-headed sensation which was a curious mixture of apprehension and a powerlessness that was almost relaxing, but with a definite undercurrent of excitement.Alice had never been with a girl before ... but, well, it was not as if she hadn’t ever thought about it ... and, in fact, recently she had been thinking about it quite a bit.For a while, the dusky teen had been having suspicions about her two attractive friends and 11th grade classmates, Brooke and Lauren – there was something going on there, she felt sure of it, and curiosity was drawing her like a magnet.She had found herself wondering about what they maybe got up to together, and imagining what it might be like to do it with another girl – especially with the tall, slim and pretty blonde, with whom she had been good friends since junior high.This had even intruded into her slumbers, and last Sunday morning she had awoken from a surprisingly explicit dream in which all three of them were naked in bed together, with herself sandwiched in the middle like the dark meat between their white bread, whilst they caressed and kissed her.She had been trembling and sweat-soaked, and the wetness in her pussy seemed to indicate that she had just come – which was all the more frustrating, as she had never yet achieved a really proper orgasm either with her boyfriend or in her solo masturbatory fingerings.Her resolve hardened into a determined acceptance of her fate – it couldn’t be so bad, surely it couldn’t, she could do this, and ... well, it might even be interesting ... Ms Fuentes was a lot older than her, of course, but Alice had always admired her teacher’s fuller figure and commanding presence, and thought that she was really quite sexy.The pretty black teen felt her confidence start to return, things were gonna be OK after all – this was a lucky escape route, and she had better take it quick.Ms Fuentes hand was still stroking her crotch, and having an effect that was both mesmerising and quite stimulating.Alice reached down and placed her own hand over her teacher’s, pressing it even more firmly against her cunt, and at the same time she looked steadily at the older woman and gave a slow and deliberate nod of agreement.‘Yes, Ms Fuentes – thank you, thank you so much!I would be glad to, anything you want, anything at all!’Alice still looked a little apprehensive, Raquel thought, but there was no doubt that the girl was willing to do whatever was necessary to get off the hook.Still, it would be best to establish the way things were going to be – who was going to be giving the orders, and who following them.The teacher put the test papers back in the drawer and locked it, handing the skeleton keys back to the blushing schoolgirl with no more comment than a wryly amused smile.Then she took the simple precaution of locking the classroom door, and pulling the interior blind down over its window into the corridor – it was incredibly unlikely that anyone else would come along here at this time, but Ms Fuentes was a methodical person and was taking no needless risks.Raquel knew that she was in her prime, a handsome Hispanic woman in her mid-30s (in fact, it was three months until her 35th birthday).She was of average height at five feet six inches, with a body that was well-fleshed but not in the slightest overweight or flabby.The teacher was rather a mature woman with eye-catching curves: her prominent 34D breasts were still full and firm, she had a flare to her hips, a fully-rounded bottom and firm strong thighs.Her features had a classic Latin character – well-proportioned, elegant and forceful; she had a strong jawline, red lips, grey-green eyes with full eyelashes and dark eyebrows, and a rich thick mane of jet black hair that cascaded to below her shoulders.She liked to wear one-piece dresses in rich colours or strongly-contrasting patterns, and tonight she had on a striking Donatella jersey wrap dress in a deep purple colour; its pleated cross-over top emphasized the size of her breasts, whilst below the tie belt which held it cinched at her waist, the full skirt swirled around her legs enticingly with every step that she took, the gap at the front sometimes showing a flash of her leg and thigh, and its pleated drape drawing the eye to her shapely ass.The attractive Latina woman walked slowly back to her desk, a slight sway in her hips, as the youthful African-American girl looked at her rather like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car.As Ms Fuentes drew close, Alice swallowed several times, her eyes wide and anxious and her teeth nibbling nervously at her lower lip.She’s so cute, thought the teacher hungrily, so pretty and naive – taking her is going to be a sweet pleasure, but I can make it that way for both of us, so that she’ll want to come back for more ... and more ... and I’ll give it to her, the pretty little cunt, oh, yes, I’ll give it to her good!Smiling reassuringly, Raquel brought their heads together for a first kiss, gently at first, slipping her tongue along the teen’s pouty lips, tasting and tantalising her.Almost unconsciously, Alice’s lips parted slightly under the gentle pressure from her teacher.Feeling shy and awkward, the schoolgirl held back a little, but then she became more responsive, opening her mouth fully to allow Raquel’s tongue to enter and devour her, and even pressing back, turning it into a mutual smooch.At first, it had seemed weird and strange to Alice to be kissing sexually with another female, but it wasn’t unpleasant at all, just ... unusual ... and, well, kind of warming, soft and close in actually quite a nice way.As her own tongue touched and tasted Ms Fuentes’s, and then – greatly daring – she slipped it into her teacher’s receptive mouth, she felt a fluttering in her stomach and a loosening of the muscles at the top of her legs.At some point during this long French kiss, Ms Fuentes’s hand returned to the crotch of Alice’s trousers, and the woman’s firm caresses began to spread a relaxing warmth through the young African-American’s abdomen.Breaking the kiss – and very pleased that she was the one who did so – Raquel also noted with gratification that Alice was looking a little flushed, and that there was a glint in the girl’s deep dark eyes.Stepping back half a pace, the teacher unbuttoned the unresisting teen’s white shirt, under which there was no bra – her little breasts needed no support yet – but a simple white camisole-type vest.Raquel lifted this over the girl’s head, so that she was now naked from the waist upwards.As Alice gazed at her wide-eyed, the mature woman ran caressing hands over the young body in front of her – and, as her palms gently massaged the sweet pert little breasts, she could feel the girl’s nipples stiffening into hard arousal.Raquel bent downwards and ran her tongue around each engorged tit; as she sucked on each in turn, Alice closed her eyes and gave a little whimper of involuntary pleasure.This was all the confirmation that the Latina lady needed to take things to the next stage.Releasing the tomboyish tits with a final soft kiss, she reached down to unbutton and unzip the girl’s plain black cotton slacks, slipping them off her thin hips and gesturing her to step out of them.Alice complied quickly; if anything, she seemed to be becoming less nervous and shy.In an instant, she was standing before her teacher, naked apart from a pair of sky-blue bikini panties which were quite plain, apart from a little white lace trim at the hips and a tiny bow at the centre of the elastic waistband.Good, thought Raquel, it was time to initiate the girl further in her new duties – in fact, this step would be crucial; if she balked at this, it was all going to fall apart.Alice was instructed to kneel in front of her teacher, and she watched with anxious curiosity as the older woman slowly undid her belt; when it was cast aside, the wrap dress swung open of its own accord, hanging away from the breasts on each side.With a deft shrug, Raquel tumbled the dress from her shoulders to fall on the floor behind her.The wide-eyed schoolgirl drew a breath in amazement and appreciation at the sight which was revealed of the splendid mature curves of her teacher’s olive-skinned body, exhibited in stylish and sexy underwear.Raquel had always had good taste; she particularly enjoyed the feel and look of top quality lingerie, in both design and materials, and was willing to pay for it.She wore a matching three-piece set by Chantelle in a lilac colour that co-ordinated with the darker purple of her dress; it consisted of a demi-cup plunge bra and a traditional style suspender belt (to which her black stockings were clipped), over which was a thong with shoestring ties, its front panel a skimpy triangle of delicate lace.As Alice gazed at this and the mound of her teacher’s cunt which it barely covered, by unconscious instinct the girl’s hands went to her own nipples, rubbing and pulling them.Raquel allowed herself a smile of satisfaction as she noted the teen’s reaction of sexual excitement.There might be more to young Alice than meets the eye, she mused; she had thought that the girl had a steady boyfriend and was basically straight, just possibly bisexual in the way that most women were – but she was starting to suspect something much more, something that perhaps Alice herself had not known or understood until now, and each stage of her ‘blackmailing’ seduction was making this more and more apparent.Raquel moved things forward again, telling Alice to kiss her on the front of her panties.There was only the slightest hesitation before the girl did so – but then she kept up the oral pressure more firmly and for longer than Raquel had expected she would, on this first induction into the lesbian world.Looking down over her own jutting breasts at the jet-haired head that was pressed between her legs, with its two long ponytails dangling downwards, the teacher felt a powerful surge of dominance – she was going to have this piece of virgin-lesbian pussy, and fuck her on her own desk in her own classroom!When told by the teacher to pull the panties down, Alice gasped at what was revealed – for Raquel had a quite large and prominent pudenda, and she kept her pussy scrupulously clean-shaven, so that her already puffy and aroused labia were fully revealed, as was the darker pink gash between them.The girl had never seen another female’s sex so intimately before – indeed, not even her own in such close proximity – never mind that of a full-grown and developed woman.She gulped and swallowed, quite unable to tear her fascinated eyes away from the orchid-petal shape of Raquel’s outer and inner labial lips, and increasingly aware of the tantalising sweetly-spiced smell of her teacher’s cunt.What came next was no surprise – indeed, more than that, it somehow seemed to the girl that it was entirely natural, the right thing to do.Quietly and gently, in a soft voice rendered husky with desire, Ms Fuentes told Alice to kiss and lick and suck her pussy, and to push her tongue in as deep as she could get.The tomboyish teen did so cautiously at the start, but more from a lack of confidence about how to do this than from any disgust at the task imposed upon her.After a few nervous licks around the outer parts of her teacher’s cunt, Alice began to get into the feel of it, nuzzling closer into the warm, soft and musky-scented flesh.She eased the pink opening apart with her finger, and felt a stir of triumph as her probing was rewarded by Raquel’s gasp of surprised pleasure.The youthful black girl squirmed her tongue into the mature Hispanic woman’s vagina, seized by a determination to show just what she could do – Alice always set herself the highest standards, and this was going to be no exception: if she had to do this (which she didn’t mind, really ... no, not really at all ... it was, mmm, actually rather nice, in fact quite a turn-on) then she would do it well!Her first-ever taste of a woman’s pussy-juice was a strange sensation which made her pause, but only for a second or two before reapplying herself with renewed vigour.The more that Alice lapped up, the more the ebony teen found herself enjoying it, savouring the taste of Raquel’s fluid and the erotic thrill that her own teacher – a woman twice her age, and a thousand times more sexually experienced – was being taken to climax by her novice efforts.Ms Fuentes was beginning to moan and gasp, her thigh muscles clenching and her hips shuddering, and her grip on Alice’s shoulder tightened.Suddenly, with a harsh cry, the older woman thrust her pussy forwards whilst clutching the back of Alice’s head with both hands and pushing the girl’s face harder into her cunt – and then, Alice ceased to be a virgin at cunnilingus, as her increasingly eager slurping was rewarded with a convulsive spasm and a flood of sweeter-tasting cum-juice that coated her tongue, and which without a second thought she sucked up and swallowed.‘My God, Alice!That was amazing!’ gasped Raquel, when she could draw breath.‘Have you really never done this before, with anyone?’Looking happier than the teacher had seen her all term, Alice looked up from her kneeling posture between the woman’s open thighs, and shyly affirmed that this had been, really and truly, her very first taste of a pussy.She did not add verbally that she had rather liked it, but her body language and expression made this clear enough.‘Well, my dear, you should be rewarded’, said the older woman, reaching down to tweak the petite girl’s budding breasts and making Alice quiver in her turn.Ms Fuentes added in a firm but warm tone which sent tingles down the girl’s spine: ‘and I want you, and I’m going to have you!’The teacher asked if Alice was still a virgin, to which she shook her head and affirmed that she had lost her cherry about four months ago, mutually with her boyfriend Tony.She did not add aloud that the whole thing had seemed to do a lot more for him than it did for her – there had some pushing and grunting which had been followed by a weird and slightly painful, but fortunately quick, tearing feeling inside, then a sudden wet spasm on his part, and it was all over, leaving her feeling quite let down by the experience.It hadn’t got much better in the eight or nine times that she and Tony had done it since then: he seemed to more or less enjoy it – certainly he was quite insistent and pestering in getting her to drop her panties for him, but he didn’t actually look at her much when he was lying on top of her, or really say anything afterwards.Nor had it got any better for her – there was no real foreplay (which she had put down to the lack of size, and therefore of interest, of her tits), and just enough friction in her pussy from his thrusts to get her twitchy, before Tony came and his cock became limp and quite unappealing.Not surprisingly, she had been getting more and more reluctant to let him do it to her, which was making him feel frustrated and rejected, and in fact their whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing was in a pretty shaky state.Raquel was glad that Alice was not a virgin; she had been swept up by lust for her pretty student since the moment she had kissed her, and longed to fuck her all the way, but she knew well that losing one’s virginity could be a painful and distressing experience.She had no intention of hurting or traumatising the girl – far from it: she wanted to seduce her, and make her long for more lesbian experiences.The initial opportunity had been given by blackmail and coercion, and Raquel was enjoying her position of dominance and authority, but at heart she was a natural teacher and she wanted to educate Alice, to induct her into the pleasures of lesbian love-making.The Latina woman told the girl to stand up, kissed her, and then fondled her pussy through her plain blue panties – which were now rather damp around the gusset.The teenager found this intensely erotic: the firm confident touch of her teacher on her simple panties, with the woman’s fingertips separated from her girl-hole only by the thin layer of cotton fabric, was somehow more sensuous and arousing then if she had been naked and her vagina fully exposed.From the intent look on Alice’s face, the flare of her nostrils and sheen of sweat on her forehead, the stiff erectness of her nipples and the slight tremble in her body, Raquel knew that the young student was ripe and ready, was hers for the taking – that the girl would resist nothing from the dominant woman who had her totally under her thumb.With a grin of hungry satisfaction, the teacher hooked her fingers into the side of the girl’s last remaining shred of clothing, and steadily pulled them down her legs to her ankles.Kneeling briefly, with a deft motion Raquel removed the panties and both of Alice’s sneakers, leaving the slim schoolgirl completely naked.She indicated that Alice should sit on the desk; once she had done so, Raquel eased her backwards so that she was lying down across it, and then gently spread the compliant teen’s legs wide apart, bringing her naked cunt into full view and ready accessibility.Alice once again looked a little nervous, her teeth nibbling her lower lip, but it was a nervousness caused much more by speculative anticipation than by fear or anxiety.The tall figure of Ms Fuentes was an imposing sight as she stood poised between the dark-brown thighs of the petite African-American.The teacher was still dressed in her sexy and sophisticated lingerie, her semi-clothed position adding to her authority over the nude girl.Her two-inch heels made her six inches taller than Alice, and Ms Fuentes’s mature womanly body with its prominent rounded breasts and broad-hipped ass was probably twenty kilos heavier.Even without her predicament at being caught red-handed in burglary, Alice would have felt captive to the handsome Latina woman’s sexual power, and would have been submissive to whatever was her desire.Looking down on the delectable sight of dark-brown pubescent flesh spread out beneath her, Raquel felt a deep sexual thrill run through her like a surging electrical charge.She had not expected to become so attracted and so aroused when she had entered the room – her original plan, really only half-formed in her mind, had been to make the girl eat her out as the price of her silence.But since then, this little session had developed into much more, oh – into so much more, it was filled to the brim with potential and possibilities, if handled right.Fortunately, the way to do that right now was also to do exactly what Raquel longed for – to fuck the little bitch’s brains out, and give her a sexual ride that she would never, ever, forget as long as she lived.With a wolfish expression on her face, Raquel traced a finger along the youthful girl’s pussy, slipping one fingertip between the dark curls which framed it.Alice was round-eyed, and looked more than a little scared – but admirably determined to continue, to see it through.The African-American girl gave a slight, almost protesting, whimper when Raquel probed further, and pushed her forefinger into the teen’s slit, up to the first knuckle.‘Oh, my God!’ moaned Alice, but her expression and tone were such that it was hard to tell if this prayer was for one for release or continuation, or even if she knew any more which she of those wanted the most.The teacher began to finger-fuck the schoolgirl’s pussy, starting with inserting the full length of her digit and probing deep inside – surprising Alice, for it was much further than Tony’s average-sized dick had ever got – and then, to the teen’s shocked amazement, Raquel pushed a second finger in alongside and splaying them both out.Alice sobbed and moaned, never having felt anything so filling or so fulfilling before.As her body responded to these expert manipulations, her ecstatic cries grew louder and sharper.Although there should be no one anywhere near, not even on the same floor, Raquel was taking no chances and she clamped her free hand over the girl’s mouth to silence her.Pressing Alice’s head firmly down onto the desktop, she locked the teen’s glazed eyes with her intense lust-filled gaze, and increased the pace and forcefulness of her pulverising penetrations.Impressively arrayed in her outfit of stockings, suspender belt and bra, the teacher loomed over the small youthful form, her full breasts almost spilling out of their bra cups as they hung a few inches above Alice’s face, swaying like a pendulum.Raquel was hugely enjoying the sensation of dominating the slim black girl, pinning her in place, her right hand firmly gripping Alice’s face whilst her left hand rammed hard in and out the teen’s sloppy pussy.For her part, Alice was finding the position of restraint even more mind-blowing: the teacher’s hand gagging her mouth was intensely erotic, and she spread her legs even wider and bucked her pelvis upwards to meet the shafting that Ms Fuentes was giving her.Unbelievable electric feelings were pulsing through Alice’s abdomen, like nothing she had experienced before – not even when touching herself down there.Her muffled cries became sharper, more frequent and higher pitched, and her hands released their desperate vice-like grip on the edge of the desk to clutch at her own breasts, squeezing and pulling on her hard and erect nipples.Her back arched, so that only her buttocks and the back of her head were touching the desk.The tomboyish African-American teen shuddered and quaked as her orgasm finally exploded, her expression an unmistakeable plea to be taken and used, to be dominated but also to be given release and pleasure.Raquel had been targeting the lithe girl’s clitoris for some time, and now she pressed the nub more firmly, whilst pushing a third finger into Alice’s cunt.The schoolgirl’s eyes bulged and almost rolled back in her head with the onset of a second orgasm, sweat beading her face and chest.As Alice subsided into the aftershocks, gasping for breath but no longer shrieking her ecstasy, Raquel removed her hand from the girl’s face, and then bent downwards to kiss her firmly on the lips – for which Alice’s mouth opened without hesitation.After a few seconds, a dazed and astonished-looking Alice sat up on the desktop, her legs dangling over the side; she touched herself gingerly on her pussy, which was soppingly wet and felt a bit tender – though not in a bad way.She swallowed, and looked at the woman who had just initiated her and taken her lesbian virginity.‘Thank you’, said Alice, quietly and with unmistakeable sincerity, ‘thank you, Ms Fuentes ... for everything.’‘That’s OK, sweetie’, replied the teacher with a fond smile, but then her expression sobered and she added: ‘I’m giving you a second chance, Alice – don’t let me down again’.The girl looked shamefaced at being reminded of how this had started, but she carefully nodded to show her agreement as she slipped down from the desk, at first a little unsteady on her legs.She was relieved when Ms Fuentes’s smile returned, and the teacher helped her back into her clothes – she pulled the teen’s blue cotton panties back up to her waist, and gave her a soft kiss on their front before she gently zipped up the girl’s plain black trousers and tucked her white shirt inside its waistband.Alice gazed back at her shyly, amazed at the things which they had just done together – and still more amazed by how much she had got off on them, and how they had not seemed unnatural or nasty at all.In fact, whilst she automatically combed out her long hair and restored the two ring-clips which held it in ponytails, her thoughts were already turning to more, to there being a ‘next time’.Growing bolder and more confident in her desires, she asked:‘Ms Fuentes, umm – you, err, you’ll ... that is, need to punish me more for this, right?’As the teacher regarded her amusedly, she hurried on: ‘I mean, I don’t mind, you know ... really, I deserve it, it’ll teach me a lesson, it will!’Raquel gave her a warm smile, and replied: ‘Oh, don’t you worry – there are lots of other “lessons” I could teach you ... if you really want that?’She took Alice’s chin in one hand, in order to look the African-American teen in the eye and convey her sincerity.‘I won’t make you do anything you don’t want, is that understood?If you like, you can leave this room now, and neither of us will say anything more, not ever, about what happened here. But ...’The teacher paused deliberately, leaving the sentence in mid-air.Alice had no intention of playing coy or hard-to-get; whilst she wasn’t sure where this might lead her, frankly she didn’t care – she wanted it, and more of it.‘Oh, Miss, yes – please, I really want, I really do, you know ...’‘Well then, dear Alice, obviously we can’t risk doing anything here at school ... (Raquel laughed to see Alice’s frank disappointment at that news) ... but take a week to think about things, and then you can come to my house next Sunday afternoon, if you like [at this point, Raquel drew the unresisting teen against her, kissing her firmly on the mouth, and with a soft mewling sound Alice melted against her womanly curves], and we’ll have some fun and games.’In return, the teacher offered to help the girl get better grades by giving her extra coaching privately, outside of school hours – she was aware that Alice’s family couldn’t or wouldn’t pay for that, but, well, she pointed out that now Alice knew how to express her appreciation in a form that Ms Fuentes would enjoy much more than moneySeeing Alice’s eager reception of this proposal, Raquel came to another quick decision.In an apparent change of subject, she asked the schoolgirl if she liked Ms Woodhouse, who was one of her science teachers.Yes, replied a rather mystified Alice; she did, very much – Grace Woodhouse was aptly named, for both her stylish looks and her unruffled pleasant manner; she was one of about a dozen African-American teachers on the school roster, at 32 years old a little younger than Ms Fuentes.She was also fit and good-looking – of similar height to the Hispanic woman, but slimmer in build, bust and ass. Her bubbling sense of good humour brought her classes alive, and even though science was far from being a favourite subject for many, her interesting presentation of it made her personally very popular.‘Well, m’dear, I’ll let you into a secret – and I’ll trust you to keep it that way.Ms Woodhouse will be there as well – you see, we spend our Sundays together; I’m sure you understand what I mean by that.She’d love to eat you out – and I can tell you, she’s got an amazing tongue, you’ll love it too.And, contrary to what they say, three can be even more fun than two!’Alice was thrilled, and she gushed excitedly (if rather contradictorily) that Ms Woodhouse was cool and was hot, adding a little more calmly that the black teacher always looked so smart and was a role model whom Alice admired very much.Now, it seemed, Ms Woodhouse was going to be her role model again, in quite an unexpected way!Raquel laughed with real, relaxed pleasure – what a splendid evening this had turned out to be, after all.With her habitual caution, the teacher told Alice that they should not return to the reunion together, as this might be noticed; she was also concerned that the girl was already being missed by now – but with a pert smile, the tomboyish teenager explained about the excuse of illness which she had given Ms Neustein in order to cover her lengthy absence.‘All the same, don’t push your luck – we don’t want Jenny to come looking for you, now do we?’ replied Raquel, and she gave the petite ebony babe a fond slap on the rump as she sent her on her way.The teacher pulled her own panties and dress back on, refastening her belt and smoothing the soft fabric, and then remained for a while in the classroom, humming a pleasant tune as she tidied up any signs of what had been going on.Satisfied that all looked normal and innocent, she picked up her handbag, switched off the lights, and walked back along the corridor and down to the ground floor level, smiling with pleasure as she re-ran the recent encounter in her memory, and still tasting Alice’s sweet cum-juices in her mouth.As she neared the main gymnasium, she hesitated ... really, there was no need to go back in, the reunion event would be ending in half an hour at the most.Instead, Ms Fuentes strolled out through the glass doors of the front entrance and then turned to the right, away from the parking lot and towards the unlit area of lawn which extended along the side of the main school building.She leaned against a tree trunk, hidden in its dark shadow, and lit a cigarette from the packet which she had retrieved from her desk.Taking a satisfied drag, she felt mellow and relaxed – all was right with the world.As she finished her smoke, standing in the evening silence, she heard faint sounds behind her – coming from somewhere further up the lawn, near the kitchen area.Intrigued, Raquel finished her cigarette and walked silently across the soft grass, staying in the deep shadows under the trees.‘Holy pussies, Batman!’ she breathed to herself, peering cautiously around a shrub at the amazing vista.Those luscious 11th grade babes, Lauren O’Rourke and Brooke Carter, were going at it full-tilt, locked in a passionate 69, with the blonde underneath and the redhead on top.Raquel already had her suspicions about the pair, but this was proof indeed! There was enough light from the nearly-full moon to see quite clearly, and Raquel could not resist pleasuring herself at the sight of one of her hottest fantasies turned into reality.The Latina teacher roughly fingered herself to a rapid orgasm as she avidly watched the two beautiful girls; as she came, she muffled her own gasps with her other hand in an unconscious echo of the gagging of Alice earlier.Almost weak-kneed from the intensity of her orgasm, Ms Fuentes retreated swiftly, not wanting to disturb the entwined sapphic teens, or be heard or seen by them.She would act on her discovery at another time, carefully and patiently – and then, with a little skill, before long she would be enjoying them as part of a foursome with pretty little Alice.The prospect of that almost made her come again,男女啪激烈高潮喷水动态图 just from the friction of her swollen and sensitive pussy lips against each other as she walked, and she paused for a moment by the same tree where she had smoked, taking some calming breaths to compose herself before she re-emerged into a public place.Meanwhile, back inside the gymnasium at the reunion event, Alice was still shaken by her amazing experiences of the evening – and by how much she had enjoyed them, and that shockingly her thoughts were filled as much with what she had done to the older woman, as the pleasure which Ms Fuentes had given her.She resolved that she was going to dump Tony first thing on Monday, there was really no point any more in going on with the selfish bore – if you weren’t interested in the NFL or baseball, he didn’t exactly have a wide range of conversation.Alice also determined that at the first opportunity she would explore the ground with Lauren and Brooke – especially lovely Brooke, whom she had known for longer and had always liked.If they were lesbians, as she thought, then ... well, it seemed that maybe she was too, which really would be no bad thing, not at all ... if it meant that there would be more nights like tonight, then, well – wow! and she would be ‘glad to be gay’.Of course, her folks must never know, but Ms Fuentes and the other teachers needed to keep their sexual liaisons secret as well, and so also presumably did Brooke and Lauren.Preoccupied with her own thoughts, Alice barely heard Ms Neustein asking her if she felt better now (oh, yeah, do I!, oh, wow!!) but the schoolgirl could hardly explain the reason for her sudden flush of exultation, so she mumbled some platitude.Seemingly in some haste, the short and busty teacher thanked all of the student helpers and ushered them out, declaring that she had a couple of last things to do and then she would lock up the building.As the chattering and laughing students exited the building, Alice looked around in the crowd for Brooke and Lauren to start dropping hints, but they were nowhere to be seen.At the suggestion of one of the popular seniors, all of the student helpers had been invited to a post-event party at his house, and it had been arranged that those 12th graders who had cars would give lifts to everyone else.Alice was not sure any more that she wanted to go to this, but she did not want to go home just yet either – her emotions were in a turmoil, making her restless and excited.The African-American teenager looked around again for her pretty white friends, hoping to link up with them and suggest that they cut the party, and that the three of them go off somewhere else on their own – if her suspicions about her friends were correct, something very interesting might develop.Alice suddenly thought of one of her favourite movies, and sniggered to herself – ‘all for one and one for all’, they could be ‘the Three Cunt-ateers’!However, disappointingly there was no sign of the blonde or the redhead in the crowd, and she decided that they must have gone ahead already – or, more likely, that they had sneaked off together, she just bet they wouldn’t be at the party.Alice recalled something being said about a sleepover, and her already wet pussy began almost dripping at the thought of what her sexy friends might be doing to each other, now that she had so much better an idea of what you could do with and to another female – and how amazingly good it could feel.She groaned in frustration – she had no doubts at all now, pussy was what she wanted and longed for, and a lesbian she would be happy to be, if only someone would please be one with her!The small African-American girl hung back in the shadows, letting the others pile into the cars, and shaking her head vaguely when one of the 12th grade boys offered her a ride.Still, she was just about to join one of the very last cars in the parking lot, when she saw Ms Fuentes appear from the grassy area at the side.At once, Alice knew exactly what she wanted to do, and an extraordinary calm settled over her.She slipped adroitly behind one of the pillars of the school’s entrance portico, and let the last of the students’ cars drive away.Then, so as not to startle the teacher, she walked slowly down the wide front steps, so that their paths crossed and they stood together, completely alone in the quiet and almost deserted parking lot – just three cars still remained, one of which presumably belonged to Ms Fuentes and the other to Ms Neustein, who was still inside the building doing the last bits of tidying up; the third was a mystery, but Alice had more interesting things to focus upon than that.‘Have you missed the lifts, Alice?’ asked Ms Fuentes, with an intrigued and quizzical smile.‘Perhaps I should give you a ride to the party – it’s at Cal Morgensen’s, isn’t it?Or are you heading for home?I don’t think I should leave you here or let you walk alone, not at this time of night.’‘Mmm, thanks, Ms Fuentes, that would be great!’ replied the black girl, with a glint in her eye.The teacher unlocked her Ford saloon, and Alice slipped into the front passenger seat and clipped on her seatbelt.The elegant Latina woman got in at the other side and then paused for a moment, turning to her passenger.‘Well, Alice, where do you want to go – the party, or shall I drop you at your home?’The petite teenager shook her head, her long dark ponytails swinging from side to side, and answered: ‘No, not either – please, take me back to your place, we could do more, please, couldn’t we? – I’d like that so much, I really really would!’To prove her point, Alice leaned across and slipped her hand under the fabric of Raquel’s flowing wrap dress, sliding her fingers to the junction of the older woman’s legs.With a soft moan, the teacher shifted in the car seat to part her thighs, giving the eager black teen the opportunity to push her fingers inside the front of the woman’s panties and press them against her parting pussy-slit.Raquel arched her back, opened her legs wider and lifted her buttocks a few inches from the seat, so that the half-open dress rode up to her hips.Alice needed no further incentive: she now knew what to do, and she longed to do it – all of her inhibitions had evaporated.With a deft twist of her wrist, she thrust two fingers deep into her teacher’s sloppy cunt and began quickly to frigg her.Raquel’s eyes half-closed and her hands clutched tightly at the steering wheel.Whether by instinct or pure luck, Alice curled her fingers and probed higher, going under the clitoral hood and rubbing the clit itself.The Hispanic teacher gave a sharp intake of breath and her hips jerked, pressing her pelvis against the bottom edge of the steering wheel.The orgasm overtook her in a sudden rush, caused partly by the sheer thrill of being manipulated by her young student in this brazen way, partly by the eroticism of sex in the confined space of the car and with both of them held in a kind of bondage by the seatbelts, and partly by her awareness of being exposed to public view in the parking lot – it was a risk, even if it was dark and Alice’s nimble fingers were down out of sight, and the tinge of fear added zest to the cocktail.She held the peak of the orgasm for a long, blissful moment, and then flopped back into her seat with a shaky sigh.Alice withdrew her hand, and the girl licked her sticky cunny-coated fingers with a look that endearingly combined mischievousness and triumph.‘Oh, wow!’ breathed the teacher in a slightly stunned voice, her smile surprised and delighted; ‘you are a quick learner, aren’t you? – but then, my sweet, you always are, and such a hard worker too!Well, I would certainly like to take you home with me to warm my bed, I must admit I would – but won’t your boyfriend Tony be waiting for you at the party, and won’t you be missed?He’ll wonder where you are, maybe raise an alarm, even get the police called in if they can’t find you?I’m sorry, but I think it’s too risky, we’ll have to resume another time, and ...’But at this point, Alice broke in excitedly; ‘No, no – it’s OK, Ms Fuentes, nothing to worry about at all! – you see, Tony’s out of town with his folks, visiting relatives – that was one reason why Ivolunteered when Ms Neustein asked for helpers, I had nothing else on this evening – and, anyway he’s going to be an ex-boyfriend, as of Monday!’Raquel regarded her newly-acquired apprentice with amused approval, but cautioned her – no one must suspect why she was finishing with Tony, and, in any case, she should do it in the least hurtful way, there was no point in being mean or making an enemy.Alice nodded; she would never want to be unkind, but she explained that their affair was petering out anyway and this would not be unexpected; she thought that Tony was losing interest because she was getting reluctant to have sex, and had refused point-blank to give him a blow job.She concluded: ‘Anyhow, I think he fancies Yolinda Mayberry, he’ll be quite glad to be free to chase her ... the lucky girl!’, she added, rolling her eyes ironically.Raquel laughed, and after further reassurance that Alice’s parents knew she was going to the party at Cal’s and did not expect her back until the early hours, 3.00 a.m. at least, and were not waiting up for her – she had a latchkey – the teacher agreed to take the sweet little cutie back with her for a few hours, promising afterwards to drive the girl home.Ms Fuentes had a nice 1960s-built house which stood detached from its neighbours in a quiet suburban street.As Alice followed her teacher into the hall and they hung up their jackets, the older woman told her that she should call her Raquel when they were making love – Ms Fuentes would sound so strange in that intimate context.She took the tomboyish teen by the hand, and with no further hesitation led her upstairs to the main bedroom.Once they were there, she took Alice into her arms for a long, warm kiss, running her hands deftly over the girl’s chest, shoulders and back, and finishing by taking a possessive grip on her ass in the tight black trousers and firmly squeezing both of her buttocks.The slender student squirmed – not to escape, but to get even closer.She thrust her pelvis against her teacher’s broad thigh, rubbing her crotch up and down like a puppy-dog on heat, as her whole small frame tingled with erogenous excitement.Once again, but this time with a slow deliberation that got Alice even more turned on, the Hispanic teacher gently undressed the young African-American girl.First she unbuttoned the white shirt, after which she massaged Alice’s bubble-tits through her thin camisole top, before pulling that away over the girl’s head.In an echo of her first sexual overture, she spent a few moments tracing her hand around the outside of Alice’s trousers, ending with cupping and stroking her Venus mound through the thin stretch fabric.As the black girl stood there, eyes wide and tongue wetting her lips, Raquel undid the front button and zip of the trousers, and let them fall to the girl’s ankles.Alice stepped out of them and kicked off her shoes, standing proudly in nothing but her pale blue panties.When Raquel resumed a slow and soft stroking of the front of these, the young African-American girl started to moan softly, shivers of arousal making her tremble like a leaf.Not wanting to take the sweet teen to an orgasm just yet, Raquel desisted and asked Alice if she would like to undress her.Round-eyed and so excited that she could only stammer, Alice nodded her head in assent.She took a moment to enjoy the feel of Ms Fuentes’s lovely wrap dress, running her hands over the soft jersey material of the cross-over bodice – and, of course, at the same time, caressing the swell of the mature breasts underneath.Raquel was pleased, Alice was indeed a quick learner, and of that most important aspect of lovemaking – foreplay: arousing and enticing the other person with looks, touches, caresses and kisses, for greater mutual stimulation and pleasure.Alice enjoyed this moment of feminine intimacy, and savoured still more her teacher’s passivity in her hands, as Ms Fuentes made no resistance to where or how Alice ran her hands.Still, no teenager has that much patience and, highly pleasurable though this was, Alice had a devouring desire to see Ms Fuentes’s body again, so stunningly displayed in her sexy and elegant set of lilac lingerie.With swift decision, the young girl tugged open the tie around Raquel’s waist, and pulled the fabric of the dress to each side as if she was opening her bedroom curtains.Alice sighed again at the ripe curves that were revealed, the Latina’s full breasts uplifted in the demi-cup plunge bra, whilst the narrowing of her waist and the thrust of her hips were emphasised by the suspender belt and the wispy triangular thong that sat just below it.Raquel’s skin was smooth and soft, with a faint olive sheen that suggested both natural healthiness and Mediterranean sunshine.The young girl lifted Raquel’s dress from her shoulders and folded it over the back of a nearby chair.The Hispanic teacher did not move an inch, as her innocent-looking student returned to do things to her which were anything but innocent.Alice cupped her hands underneath Raquel’s bra, hefting her mature breasts to feel their weight and massaging them to enjoy their supple texture.The teacher’s lips parted slightly and her breaths became shallower and faster, and Alice was delighted at this confirmation that her virgin efforts were having a real effect.The girl slipped a finger under her teacher’s bra straps, easing them off her shoulders and then down to dangle near her elbows.In the process, the bra’s cups were tugged down and Ms Fuentes’s gloriously full breasts tumbled into full view.For a moment, Alice caressed them, enjoying the feel of the Latina woman’s prominently-erect nipples on the palms of her hands – and inducing a louder moan from the busty teacher.The African-American tomboy leaned forwards, and slowly applied her lips to one of Raquel’s scarlet nipples, rotating her tongue first clockwise and then counter-clockwise.The teacher rocked slightly on her heels at this, shifting her stance so that her legs were better braced but also wider apart, and she took a firm grip on Alice’s shoulder to steady herself.The black girl moved her oral attentions to the other tit, whilst continuing with her hand to grope the breast which her mouth had just deserted.At this dual stimulation, Raquel gave a peculiar kind of broken-backed whimper, the sound of which was music to the dusky teen’s ears.There was no doubt that the older woman was becoming very turned on, and was building up for a bone-shaking climax.Delighted at the effect of her novice efforts, Alice became bolder.Now she had little hesitation in pushing her hand into the gap between her teacher’s suspender belt and wispy panties, twisting her fingers inside the thong and reaching her goal – Ms Fuentes’s cunt-slit, which she rubbed along for a few seconds externally and then pressed the tips of two fingers inside.She was thrilled to see the older woman close her eyes for a second in pleasure, and hear her start to pant rapidly.Alice had no doubt about what was needed next – and no doubt that she longed to do it.She sank to her knees in front of her seducer’s strong and powerful body, and swiftly tugged the woman’s panties down her legs and threw them aside.Feeling her own heat rising in her crotch, Alice thrust her face onto the fleshy mound of Raquel’s pudenda and pushed her tongue into the vaginal slit, racing it up and down several times.In response, the teacher grunted in pleasure and her hips slightly trembled.Now the energetic teen changed her tactics: she removed her dampened face, and thrust two fingers into the Latina’s oozing cunt, pushing hard and deep.Once she had pushed them all the way home, right up to the knuckles, she began to piston her hand backwards and forwards, administering a vigorous and surprisingly capable finger-fucking. Raquel began to pant frantically, her shallow breaths interspersed with imprecations to Alice to fuck her faster and deeper, instructions which that obedient girl faithfully followed.The teacher’s hips shuddered as she was driven to a climax, her breathing nasal and rough as the orgasm pulsed through her body.Looking up from her kneeling position, Alice was fascinated to watch the expressions of transported bliss that swept across the woman’s face, her lovely full breasts jerking wildly above Alice like an avalanche about to fall.As her legs shook convulsively under the impact of the most forceful insertion yet, Raquel gave a kind of scream and drove her pelvis down onto the girl’s thrusting fingers.She grabbed Alice’s hand and clutched it against her cunt to keep the teen’s fingers deep in her vagina as she ground herself against them, gasping and trembling in ecstasy, with her eyes screwed tightly closed.After a minute, as Raquel’s pulse rate and breathing returned to something like normal, she opened her eyes and reluctantly released her student’s hand.She blew out a breath with a sigh, and gazed with interest at her new apprentice lesbian.‘Wow, Alice – that was amazing!Are you really, honestly and truly, new at this? – I mean, you’ve never done anything with a girl or woman before this?’asked Raquel.Alice looked rather shyly at the ground, but affirmed again that it was indeed her first sexual contact with another female.‘Well’, said her teacher with satisfaction, ‘you’re a natural, honey; that was definitely a grade A performance just now!’Alice smiled with unfeigned pleasure at the compliment, and admitted frankly that it had really aroused her too.Feeling very horny after her orgasm, Raquel smiled at the petite student, and said that she knew just the best way to take care of that.The curvaceous woman’s hips swayed enticingly as she turned away from the pretty teenager and walked across to the vanity table that was near the window.Pausing for a moment, she unclipped her bra and put it down, her full and shapely figure emphasised by the narrow suspender belt around her waist and her stockings.She removed something from one of its drawers, and Alice gave a small squeal when Raquel turned back to face her and she could see what it was – an intimidatingly large replica of an erect male penis, shaped in some kind of black plastic.Straps and buckles dangled from it, and suddenly the girl understood that she was looking at a ‘strap-on’ for the first time – and she didn’t think it would be the last time.Her eyes were like saucers as she stared at the object, realising all too well – with a mixture of eagerness and some apprehension over the damn thing’s sheer size and length – that it would soon be inside her, filling her to her capacity and perhaps beyond.She realised with glee that she was surely losing her lesbian virginities tonight – her first cunnilingus of another woman, her first orgasm at the hands of another woman, her first finger-fuck of a female cunt, and now her first dildoing by another woman.Raquel had thought she might need to reassure the young girl, perhaps promise not to push the strap-on in too far or hard, but Alice’s hungry expression and avid looks at the plastic penis removed her doubts – the girl’s keenness was unequivocal.The teen was still kneeling on the floor where she had been before, which was an ideal position for Raquel’s plans.She stopped in front of the cute African-American and handed the dildo to her with the instruction to strap it in place.As Raquel well knew, and Alice now discovered, being in this supplicant pose and buckling a strap-on cock onto your lover, knowing that it is going to take you, to spear your pussy deep and long, to fuck you so hard, is an incredibly erotic experience.As Alice knelt there adjusting the straps to a tight fit, her legs were splayed open and her pussy oozed with wetness.The teacher was a highly-expert femme-fucker, and knew well the effect that Alice’s submissive position would be having on her.She drew the girl to her feet, stroking her stiff little nipples and then kissing her deeply.Alice gave a twitch, followed by a shaky sigh, as during the kiss the teacher’s right hand dropped to slip inside the student’s panties and caress her cunt, the thumb flicking deliberately against the young girl’s clitoris.Raquel felt the teenager’s open and sticky wetness with lustful satisfaction, bringing her fingers back to her nose and mouth in order to savour Alice’s smell and taste.Slowly and gently, Raquel walked Alice backwards to the large king-size double-bed, until the back of the girl’s calves bumped against it.With renewed pressure on her shoulders, Raquel pushed Alice back to lie across the bed.Reaching down, the Hispanic woman slipped the girl’s panties off, and then hooked a hand behind each knee and spread the teen’s slim thighs apart.Alice quivered, the thrill of the forbidden mingling with her sudden raging lust for more lesbian sex – of any kind, in any quantity, just bring it on.She was now totally available, and knew it in every fibre of her being; she was stark naked, on her back in a stranger’s bed with her legs wide-open, and her pussy offered up for fucking in the traditional missionary position.Raquel stood towering over Alice’s prone form, her authority as the girl’s teacher magnified by the weight of her sexual experience and the mature adult femininity of her strong body.Alice gazed up at her in rapturous admiration – Ms Fuentes looked so sexy, she thought, and so commanding with the intimidating black rod of the dildo jutting out from her front.Raquel also took a few seconds to savour the delightful prospect before her, and then she brought the knob of the plastic cock up to nudge gently against the girl’s labial lips.Alice gave a delicious shudder as she felt its probing touch, and gazed down between her own legs in fascination as Raquel slowly eased the plastic rod into her pussy.The teacher took care, making small movements back and forth with the dildo which were designed to stimulate Alice’s vagina into releasing its lubricating juices.As this happened, Raquel progressively worked the black phallus into the almost equally dark-skinned girl’s pussy.Her efforts were encouraged and rewarded with mounting whimpers of arousal, in response to which the teacher released her grip on Alice’s hips and took hold of her nipples instead, pulling and tweaking them.This had an electric effect on the tomboyish teenager – her back arched up, her legs splayed as wide apart as they could possibly go, and in her turn she clutched at Raquel’s waist, drawing the woman towards her on the in-thrust and holding her there for a couple of seconds before releasing her.Now that the dildo was sliding smoothly in and out, Raquel increased the tempo, her own breathing becoming more rapid with short panting intakes through her nose.Alice was heaving and bucking on the mattress with the effects of the sustained rapid and deep penetrations of her young body.The girl’s mouth hung open, her nostrils were flared, her eyes stared with fixed hunger up at her teacher, and sweat beaded her brow.Her ponytails had come undone – the clips flying off at some point in the last few minutes – and now her long straight black hair was plastered across the white bedsheets in a vivid contrast.Raquel stoked the flames of the sweet teenager’s passion for pussy, her own ass glistening with sweat from her efforts as she rammed the dildo in and out, savouring the juicy slapping sound as each thrust went all the way home, deep into the ebony girl’s cunt.Alice was gasping for breath when, to her surprise, Ms Fuentes paused and fully withdrew the plastic phallus from her love-hole.No! she thought in frantic desperation, I haven’t come yet, and I want more, I need more, GIVE ME MORE!!But in the second that this raging need flashed through her mind, she understood what her teacher wanted – and it excited her submissive instincts even more, making her shake with desire.Raquel got the cute African-American teen to roll over on her stomach and then rise up onto her hands and knees, with her sexiest feature – her tight trim ass – presented to view.The heavier Hispanic woman climbed onto the bed, kneeling between Alice’s legs, and for a moment she sensuously stroked down the ebony skin of the girl’s lower back, around her buttocks, and then deftly between them, urging her more apart and tracing tantalising fingertips around her puckered ass-hole and along her open oozing labia.Alice moaned and shuddered, shaking her head and tossing her hair from side to side, just like a prize racehorse filly in the stalls before the start of the big event.‘Ooooh, oh!Miss – please, Miss, I mean, Raquel ... ooh, fuck me, please fuck me, now, please ... aaah!! yes, oooh! fuckame, fuckame, please!!’ Alice sobbed and begged; ‘oh, I need you so bad, take me, please, I can’t wait any longer, fuck me!’Raquel’s smile was of one of total satisfaction – those were the sounds of a total, committed, lifelong lesbian, without any doubt at all.What luck she had had tonight, to open the door for this beautiful babe, to take her lesbian virginity; Alice would never forget her, that was for sure!With that delicious thought in mind, Raquel pivoted her hips forward and thrust the dildo back into the nearly-screaming girl’s pussy, and was rewarded by a mewl of transported pleasure and demands to do it more, harder, stronger.The teacher needed no such encouragement, and for the first time that evening she felt sure enough of Alice’s capacity – both physical and emotional – to cast aside any shreds of restraint, and give the tomboy girl the full works.The teacher’s hands firmly gripped her student’s dark-skinned slim body just above the hips, and her strong arms jerked Alice’s pelvis backwards each time just as her hips thrust the dildo forwards, resulting in fast and deep penetrations of boneshaking intensity.Alice’s hands lost their grip on the sheet, but she hardly noticed as her face fell onto the bed, her eyes tight shut and her mouth wide open and drooling saliva, as she jutted her ass up even higher to make herself more available for Raquel.Her own utter submissiveness to this pounding fuckathon thrilled Alice to the core – the feel of her teacher’s adult body above her, driving into her and dominating her completely was infinitely the most exciting thing that had ever happened in her whole life, and she just couldn’t get enough of it.All too soon, she gave a series of piercing shrieks, and her whole body exploded into the ecstasy of the largest and most intense orgasm she had ever known.It was even more powerful than the amazing ones earlier in the evening, and Alice now knew how she most liked to be fucked – taken by a strap-on in the doggy position and ridden by a relentless woman right into the ground.The girl’s muscles had turned to jelly in the wake of her climax, and she collapsed flat onto the mattress with a long gasping exhalation of breath.Raquel had also been transported to lesbian heaven – she had come at the same time, partly from the friction of the dildo’s base strap abrading her own vagina but mostly from the thrill of seeing the slender young black babe getting fucked so good.The Latina woman slumped down on top of Alice’s ebony back, her dildo still deep inside the girl, and the pressure of her heavy frame and full breasts sent another wave of excitement through the slender teen like the aftershocks from a massive earthquake.After a few minutes, Raquel gently kissed Alice along the back of her neck and across her shoulders, and then put a trail of nibbling kisses down her spine, causing the erotically-stimulated teen to arch her back and stretch like a cat being petted.As Raquel’s mouth reached Alice’s waist, her backwards movement naturally slid the dildo out of the girl’s vagina, producing a little whimper of mingled stimulation and regret.Alice looked over her shoulder at the stunning vision of her thirty-five year-old teacher, with her lovely rich mane of black hair framing her head and shoulders, her large breasts thrusting out from her chest, her round hips emphasized by the suspender belt, and the dark triangle of the strap-on over her crotch with its phallic dildo pointing out between the kneeling woman’s wide firm thighs.‘Thank you, Raquel, thank you so much, for everything tonight – I mean, not just letting me off about my stupid cheating, but all that you have shown me ... I’ve never felt such pleasures before, never felt just so good!’Raquel smiled happily, and leant over – affording Alice a fiercely arousing view of her breasts swaying pendulously beneath her – and kissed the girl tenderly on the cheek, assuring her with true conviction that it had been her pleasure, in every sense of the word.But, she added, there was one more thing Alice could do, if she wanted – would she like to wear the dildo, and fuck her teacher with it?Alice nearly swooned with the wave of lust produced by this invitation.Her energy flooded back – oh, yes, Miss, she would, she sure would!!The happy girl’s unbridled eagerness made Raquel give a deep throaty laugh, and she lay down on the bed, alongside the naked teenager.The woman unbuckled the side straps of the dildo’s harness, and it fell away from her moist cunt onto the mattress.She handed the device to the fascinated girl, and watched with anticipation as Alice climbed off the bed and stood beside it, carefully adjusting the strap-on around her waist and between her legs.Raquel thought that the tomboyish teenager looked stunning with the plastic cock standing proud from her youthful flat stomach – her gleaming black skin was only the barest shade lighter than the harness and dildo.Alice was a perfect study in ebony elegance, with the form and vitality of a young amazon, and the mature woman felt a loosening gush between her own legs – dear God! she was nearly coming from just looking at the girl!When Alice was ready, Raquel rolled slowly onto her back and then languidly parted her thighs, looking up at her student with a sultry expression through half-closed eyes.Alice found this sight stunningly erotic, this beautiful mature Latina lady – her fucking teacher, no less; or rather, she thought with a mental snigger, her fucking her fucking teacher!The very fact that Ms Fuentes was twice her age made it even more arousing for the teenager, synchronising as it did with her tendency to sexual submissiveness and her habitual respect and deference towards authority figures.She was lost in admiration for her teacher’s ripe curves, the swell of her breasts – even their slight sag, as the woman lay on her back, added to the attraction.But, most of all, Alice’s eyes were drawn to Raquel’s spread legs, to their junction at her meaty shaven cunt, to the puffy labial lips and the glistening and partly open dark pink slit between them.‘Oh, fuck, Ms Fuentes ... you are so gorgeous, so hot! ... oh, God, your cunt ...!’ gasped the African-American girl.Raquel was incredibly aroused, and reached for her own breasts to squeeze and pull her nipples.‘Then fuck me, babe, for God’s sake – fuck my cunt!Fuck me so hard!!’ she groaned in reply, spreading her legs even wider and thrusting her pelvis upwards in salacious invitation.Releasing one of her breasts, Raquel used the free hand to grope between her own legs and pull her labia apart, offering up her pussy-hole to the strap-on dildo.Alice gazed in delighted wonder at the woman’s wanton sprawl, savouring the unimaginable reality that her normally cool and collected classroom teacher had become an uninhibited bedroom whore, willing to suck and fuck in any position possible.The girl got back onto the bed with some care, so as not to let the unaccustomed weight of the protruding dildo overbalance her.She knelt between Raquel’s parted thighs, and for a second just rubbed a thumb along the open gap of the teacher’s vagina.The woman moaned and shivered in response, her eyes closing as she savoured the sensations of the delicate cool fingers probing her pussy.This receptiveness emboldened the novice lesbian, and Alice shuffled slightly forwards in order to bring the rounded end of the dildo into alignment for penetration.Then she pressed forwards and was thrilled to see the dark plastic rod slip into her teacher’s well-lubricated cunt.The effect on the experienced older woman was volcanic – as the ribbed dildo plunged into her vagina for its full length, she arched her back and gave a sharp, broken scream of arousal and desire.Alice copied the earlier actions of her tutor in the arts of sapphic love and began a rhythmic thrust of her hips to shaft the strap-on in and out, building up the tempo faster and faster.The teacher was breathing nasally, her lips compressed in a tight line as Alice’s youthful energy showed no signs of letting up.As the slim black teenager grew in confidence, she tried varying the pace – and, to a lesser degree, the angle – of her attack.The girl’s heart soared in triumph as Raquel began to make soft mewling sounds, jerking her pussy upwards almost in supplication before each inward thrust of the dildo.Suddenly, the teacher reached around Alice with both hands and seized a commanding grip on the tomboy’s ass-cheeks, using the leverage this afforded to pull the teen’s lithe body down against her own with even greater impact each time that she was impaled by the strap-on.In return, and partly also for the simple pragmatic need to keep her balance, Alice grasped Raquel’s fleshy breasts, kneading and squashing them, and pulling on her nipples.This additional erogenous stimulation was more than the teacher’s body could take, mature and experienced lesbian that she was, and waves of climax surged through her.Alice was enthralled as Ms Fuentes shuddered in ecstasy, her head thrashing from side to side in an orgasmic frenzy, her open mouth emitting a steady keening note of pleasure taken almost to the point of pain.The teacher’s body bucked rapidly three or four times, her buttocks raised several inches clear of the mattress by her arching back and splayed feet.Sweat broke out on Raquel’s face and breasts, adding a sheen of hot lust to her slight olive-toned skin texture.Then, with a final shriek of release, the last but largest of her wave of orgasms overtook her, and the Latina lady slumped back on the sticky sheet.Lost in admiration for her older lover’s wild abandon, Alice leaned forwards and delicately licked each of her teacher’s breasts, savouring the slightly salty taste of the woman’s sweat and the renewed stiffening of her nipples.Raquel was still experiencing the aftershocks of one of the hottest fucks and most intense orgasms that she had ever known, and she sprawled luxuriantly across the tangled sheets with a deeply satisfied sigh of release and pleasure.‘Christ, I’m fucked!’ she gasped, ‘you are one hot chick, Alice Mason – a real natural!Any woman with half a brain will want to spread herself for you – you’ll soon get plenty of experience.’Alice was thrilled at the prospects unfolding ahead of her, and it showed in her wide smile, with her white teeth gleaming and her eyes dancing.However, she suddenly looked doubtful, and cupped her small breasts in her hands.‘Even with these?’ she asked, ‘they’re so small ...’Raquel reached up, stroking the smooth jet skin and darker aureole of Alice’s nearest breast, and laughed as the girl’s nipple stiffened again at her touch.‘Oh, yes, honey, dontcha worry about that’, she reassured her, ‘they’ll love them – just like I do.And your sweet ass!’ added the teacher, reaching over to give the student a playful smack on her pertly rounded rump.‘A pretty little thing like you, the lezzies will be forming queues to gobble you up – or, I should say, gobble down on you!’ Raquel said, giving a dirty laugh and a leer which – even after all they had just done together – quite shocked Alice, coming from the normally rather prim and proper Ms Fuentes.After they had both caught their breath, Alice curled up companionably beside Raquel’s maturely curved body in the warm and cosy bed, the teacher’s hand gently caressing her shoulders and running through her fine straight dark hair.The African-American girl sighed contentedly, her last doubts had dissolved – the lesbian sex had been so infinitely better than anything she had ever done with Tony, or even on her own.She felt as if she had discovered a secret garden, where her inner self could flower.Her subconscious had been trying to tell her for months – it was no wonder that she had been having thoughts and dreams about Brooke and Lauren, and about some of the teachers like Ms Woodhouse (oh, wow! to think what was gonna happen there made her squirm, her pussy oozing moistness) and Ms Railton (a hot young art teacher, with short cropped dark hair, who the school rumour-mill had instantly labelled as a dyke for certain).The chocolate-skinned teen propped herself up on one elbow, looking down at the Latina teacher’s full curves, and then she gently bent her head and licked around the nipple of the woman’s nearest breast, sending an appreciative shudder through her broad frame.‘Ms Fuentes – I mean, Raquel – please, I’m quite, quite sure now, I don’t need another week.Please, can I come here again tomorrow, and be with you and Ms Woodhouse?I’d love you both to fuck me, any way you want, as hard as you like – or show me what to do for you ... please, be my lesbian teachers ... you know I’ll work hard, I always do!’Raquel was silent for a few seconds, thinking.However, it didn’t take her more than a moment to decide: however coercively this had begun, with the threat of exposure and punishment, Alice had very quickly become an entirely willing participant – that kind of lust and excitement just couldn’t be faked for this long, certainly not by an inexperienced teenager.The Hispanic teacher recognised her good fortune in having been the catalyst for the petite black girl’s discovery of her real sexual orientation, and she was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.Raquel always had the hots for African-American women anyway, and she thought this tomboyish teenager was just utterly delectable.Feeling aroused yet again, she rolled over on top of Alice, resting her breasts on the young girl’s little A-cup bumps, as they both enjoyed again the sensation of the powerful mature woman’s dominance over the slim teen.Alice arched her boyish hips wide open, thrusting her small slit upwards as Raquel in turn pushed the full weight of her pelvis down between the teenager’s thighs, pressing her prominent and fleshy pudenda against the black girl’s pussy.As the teacher began grinding their cunts together, labia frotting against labia, she felt an unexpected surge of possessiveness, and replied with an authoritative rasp in her voice:‘OK, yes, you can – but remember this: you can fuck with any girl or woman that you like, but first and foremost you belong to me, and whenever I want your sweet pussy, you’ll give it up to me – is that understood?’This sent delighted shivers down Alice’s spine, as she realised her deep need to be submissive to an authority figure, and who could be better than this wonderful woman who had transported her to another world – no, another universe – of pleasure?‘Oh, yes Miss, yes I will – I mean, I do!Just – make it often, please, won’t you?’Raquel laughed at this energetic youthful keenness, and shifted position – still braced dominantly above the young schoolgirl, she leaned forward to suck on the teen’s right nipple for a while, and then – as Alice sighed with pleasure – to lick and nibble the left one.From here, the woman slowly ran her tongue down the smooth jet skin of the girl’s chest and stomach, to her navel.A slow and sensuous series of circuits around this erogenous zone with her tongue made Alice gasp with tingling excitement, and then shiver in anticipation as the Latina’s capable mouth moved slowly down the middle of her pelvis – to her now tenderly throbbing slit.The teacher hunkered down, lifting Alice’s legs and placing one of the girl’s knees over each of her broad shoulders.The African-American teen whimpered in submissive anticipation, her pussy opening of its own accord, glistening with wet desire.Alice gave a brief throaty scream of exultation as the woman’s tongue speared between her puffy labia, plunging into her vagina and scouring along its walls, the rougher edges of the teacher’s tongue stimulating her nerve-endings almost to an instant orgasm.Her legs tightened on Raquel’s back, and Alice clutched the back of the teacher’s head, pushing it harder into her spasmodically bucking pelvis.Raquel’s face was smeared with the girl’s streaming cunt-juices, and she drew a deep breath before latching her mouth once more like a limpet onto Alice’s pussy, lapping wide and deep along her slit.To increase the girl’s stimulation, the experienced woman brought one hand to the very base of Alice’s cleft and the other to its top.With the lower hand, she poked two fingers into the girl, rotating them first clockwise and then anti-clockwise (the random changes of direction breaking the rhythm, and producing an even greater stimulus), and so compounding the sucking and thrusting of her firm but flexible tongue.Simultaneously, her upper hand probed under the pretty teen’s clitoral hood, finding the nub of her clitoris and then rubbing and squeezing it to coincide with the other motions.Alice went almost berserk – her eyes bulged, she gasped for air as if drowning, releasing Raquel’s head from her grasp to claw and clutch wildly at the mattress, and her straining throat released a series of harsh puppy-like yaps and yowls.Sweat coated her face and chest, and then once more her spine arched, her head flopped back with mouth open wide, and she convulsed in a rippling cascade of orgasms, screaming a series of swear words that the teacher had never heard before from the polite and usually reserved young girl – in fact, words that Alice herself hadn’t realised that she knew until that moment!The teen slumped in a near faint, but her huge grin and exultant expression were confirmation that she had been in bliss – almost painful, but still transported in ecstasy.‘Aaaah!! ... oh ... my ... God!’ she finally managed to gasp.‘I never knew it could be like that!I’ve never, ever felt anything like that, not before tonight ... and, I mean, it was like, wow, wonderful earlier, especially when you had me on the desk, and then even better with the strap-on – fuck, did my earth move then!! – but just now, yowie-wowie, that was incredible too!!’Raquel regarded her conquest with new affection – really, this kid was so sweet, so sexy, and so ... open ... in every way!It would be a pleasure to bring her on, even though the teacher did not intend a long-term relationship: in Grace Woodhouse she had a lover already, of her own age, and black too (which was far from coincidental, for as a teenager Raquel had first been seduced by an African-American sports coach, and had generally sought black women as partners ever since).What she did look forward to was for her – and Grace – to enjoy many afternoons and evenings of uncomplicated fucking with luscious young Alice, and maybe with her attractive teenage friends as well.As this pleasant prospect occupied her imagination, the Latina teacher rose up and moved forwards to straddle the chest of the slim girl.She stroked the slit of her own cunt, before lowering it onto Alice’s smiling face – the black girl’s lips were already eagerly parting and her pink tongue darting out between.‘You’ve got me all wet and horny again, Alice Mason – so, eat me out!After all, y’know’, laughed Raquel, ‘practice makes perfect!’‘Mmmm, ummphh’, came slurpily from between her thighs, followed in a happy but muffled voice by: ‘I think I’m gonna need a lot of practice, Ms Fuentes – Raquel, I mean!’‘Aaaahh’, moaned Raquel in pleasure, as the little teen tongue flicked up and down in her vagina, finding ... oh! ... yes, yes ... aaaah! ... just ... the ... right ... spot!‘And then you’ll be perfect’, she smiled, ‘just perfect’.If you enjoyed this, check out my other stories ... you might like them too ... (to find them, follow the author link at the top of this story)

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