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Heyreaders and enjoy and happy holidays. As always feel free to commentthanks.It’s been a couple of days since that whole incident with Lisa. I was completely worn out from all that had gone on, not to mention sore and aching. Fortunately for me I had a ton of PTO days; boy did they ever come in handy. I had kept my word as far as Lisa was concerned. The morning after her somewhat botched attempt to hold me prisoner in my own home, I personally escorted her ass to the front porch. Although I was pretty upset with the whole damn situation, at the same time I was pretty satisfied at least sexually. I guess mixed feelings would be the best way to express how I was feeling.As far as Cheyenne, well I hadn't spoken to her since Wednesday night and here it is Saturday morning. I didn't want to overwhelm here so I hadn't called, but she had been on my mind each of the days between the last time we spoke. I hadn't even run into her at the gym. 'Had our outing been a bad one?' It went smooth at least in my eyes. 'I'm gonna call today' I told myself with conviction. Its Saturday and The U had a bye week so all the other college football games held no real value with me. I decided to call the boys to see about going to shoot some hoops. We met up about an hour and a half later at the park about 5 blocks from my house. After a few minutes of shooting around a few minutes we were joined by a group of other guys. In no time we were running up and down the court immersed in a full court game.After the second game I decided to head over to the pavilion to take a leak and grab a drink.On my way back from I heard a familiar voice. Looking left and right, and even back over my shoulder, I didn't recognize any of the people I spotted. I continued back to the court, but stopped once more when I picked upon the voice again. Looking more intensively I noticed a woman at a park bench on a phone. It looked like Cheyenne so I decided to walk over.My assumptions were right. She was sitting sort of slumped over so she hadn't even notice me walk over. She seemed to be upset as I was able to get a better look upon her face. My heart instantly fell heavy as I gazed at a face filled with pain. This was a far cry from the woman I had come to know a few nights ago over dinner. She looked up in surprise to see me in front of her. "Hey there, didn't mean to startle you.""It’s ok I just wasn't expecting to run in to you here.""Oh ok, I haven't seen you at the gym lately; I was hoping to run into my new found buddy.""Yeah I've been dealing with some personal issues that have been going on right now, hence the reason I'm here at the park."I was debating whether to ask what’s going on, or to just stay in my lane. I didn't want to pry in her business and overstep my boundaries, for as I stated we are new found friends. “Well I'm sure everything will work out for you. You’re a great person with a good heart." I was trying to give words of encouragement in hopes to kind of lift her spirits some. "I'm sure you would like sometime to yourself so I won't stand in your way love." I proceeded to walk off."No no I need someone to make me laugh and put a smile on my face. Please stay."At this point I had completely ditched my boys. Oh well I thought we can always hoop another day. I had convinced Cheyenne to walk the trail with me while we chatted. We walked and talked and walk and talked. Come to find out her mate had recently cheated on her, I was so caught up in our conversation that I hadn't put all the pieces to the puzzle together. The pic on Roxy CPU the fact that they were both lesbian and now that Cheyenne's lover had cheated.The conversation made a turn and she directed it towards me. “So Brandon why aren't you in a relationship? I mean you it’s not like you can't get a girl, you’re a very handsome guy."“I’m waiting on you" I said with a big smile. She blushed something awful. “No but honestly I have yet to find that one that has captivated me to the point where I've wanted to peruse a real relationship.“Well I can understand that."“You hungry?"“I guess I can eat, haven't had much of an appetite since well you know." I nodded in agreement. We headed over to the parking lot; she said she would follow me in her car. When I got in the car I noticed I had about 7 missed calls and only two voicemails. I saw 6 of them were from the guys, probably trying find out why I ditched them. The other was from a number I didn’t recognize. I quickly dialed the voicemail as I pulled out of the parking space. I checked my rear view to make sure Cheyenne was trailing. My thoughts were right as the first message on my voicemail was one of the fellas asking what happened to me at the court. The second message though was bit of a surprise. I couldn't catch the voice.“Hey its been a couple of days and I can't stop thinking of you. I thought it would just be a one-time deal but you are all I can think of, please call me when you get this. Roxy."'Holy shit' I thought as I put all the pieces together now. I've fucked Chey's woman, man am I in it waist deep or what.’We arrived at a little mom and pops diner that I frequented and were seated in no time. I was nervous as shit with the revelation I had on the way over, I really didn't know where to begin at this point. Shit after all I am the reason she was crying in the park.“Hey you ok?" she questioned."Um yeah I'm cool." I tried to shrug it off, but it was eating me up on the insides.“Ok you just look a little troubled."“Who me. I'm just fine. So what your partners name?" I had to know what I had done.“Her name is Rina, well Sabrina but everyone who’s close to her calls her Rina. I have a picture you wanna see?" “Naw you don't have to." I exclaimed but she insisted. "Damn!" slipped out of my mouth when I glanced at the pic. Her lady friend was just as fine as her.“I know right, she is fine as can be" she said while shaking her head.“I guess we've got the same taste in women" we both laughed and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief as the picture was not Roxy. We ate a couple of gourmet sandwiches talked some more about this and that. “You know I really like you Brandon." I wasn’t really sure how she was meaning the last statement, being that she is Lesbian and all.“Well I would hope so after all this is our second date ya know" I winked at her and she began to giggle. I smiled back still unsure of how she meant her last statement.“I think you’re really cool most guys are only after what’s between my legs, even after I tell them my sexual preference. That just seems to make them want me more.""Can I be honest with you?"“I don’t see why not" she said."Well when I first saw you I was like damn what I wouldn’t give to be all up in that, but then I got to know you, and not only are you not interested in me in that way, but no man at all. You are cool as shit and we have a lot in common and I dig ya lil lady.""Well the feelings are mutual."“Hey its almost 8 you kick it at my place and watch the Saturday night game? I believe both teams are in the top 10 should be good."“I guess we can hang for a bit more, seeing as to how we enjoy each other’s company so much."A few minutes later I was pulling in my drive way and she was right behind me. As we stepped inside I noticed her gazing about the new scenery. I gave her a little tour of my home before we headed to the living room to watch the game.“Hey would you like a drink?"“What you got?"“Well everything except wine."“Ok surprise me then." “Ahhh and a surprise you shall receive." I went into the kitchen and cut up an orange and made a berry lemon vodka daiquiri, and topped of the concoction with an orange slice on the rim of the glass. I was going all out for and I knew I didn’t have a chance with her, ‘this is so not me’ I thought to myself. I mean usually my looks did all the work for me, but for her I didn't mind this extra effort I was giving even if it was in vain.“Here ya go."“Wow, surprised I am. This is a pretty drink."“Well a gorgeous woman like you deserves a pretty drink, don't you think?"“Oh stop it." She blushed into her glass as she began to drink. I was so attracted to this woman and I couldn't have her, this has to be the worst form of torture.The game turned out to be a slaughter by halftime so neither of us were much interested in anymore.“You know I really do like you, you’re different." What the fuck, this was the second time she confessed that she liked me tonight. I was starting to believe she meant like me, as in like me like me and not just friend like.“Yeah I like you too." Was my only reply, in a mild tone not trying to hint at anything. I didn't want to make the situation weird and uncomfortable so I was going try to change the subject. "So you wanna get on that Call of........." I couldn't finish my statement.She pressed her lips to mine and sent an electric shock through my entire body. Felt like I was being tased all over again but this time I loved it. I kissed back but then pulled away. I wasn't sure if it was the liquor or the emotional unstableness of her partner cheating.“Wait I can’t take advantage of you. I...... I like you too much to jeopardize our new friendship."“I understand what you’re saying but look I like you and I want you. I know you may be surprised being that I'm a lesbian, but right now I don't think I'm one. So please make love to me."With that no more protest were made from me. I swooped her ass up and carried her upstairs. “I’m gonna make love to you." I promised in a whisper as we entered the room. I waltzed over to my king size bed and laid her as smooth and soft as I could. I slide her shirt above her head and proceeded to remove her pants as well. After sliding them off I planted a soft kiss on her cheek. She lifted her back giving me access to her bra strap; we maintained eye contact the entire time. The passion Chey's eyes displayed couldn’t be denied. I never wanted a being as much as I wanted her.As I removed the bra I began to plant sensual kisses upon her neck. She began to lightly moan into my ear and squirm at my gentle kisses. Slowly working my way down her master piece of a body, I could tell her anticipation was rising. I was poised to take my time though, for like I said love was to be made tonight just as she requested.Slowly and methodically I made my way to her garden of love and was introduced to the sweet smell of her nectar. She was as ready as women could ever be, but it wasn’t time yet.I kissed around her magnificent well maintained garden in a complete circle with here fighting temptation to pull my lips to her lower lips. My kisses trailed down to one thigh, the calf all the way to her foot,51午夜精品免费视频 massaging her inner and outer legs the entire time.Inversely I worked my up the opposite foot, calf, and thigh once finished with the other. I was so close to her sex she could feel the slightest of breaths I took. By this time her garden was thunder storming, for a puddle of her sweet nectar had formed in the bed.I kissed her most intimate spot and she no longer could control herself. She grabbed my head and thrusting upward, forcing my lips back to hers. I didn't panic, I knew I had teased her something horrible. I forced her back down and she whimpered " Brandon please take me........ please."I dove my face into her love ever so sensually and immediately her body locked and she began to convulse in her first orgasm. I continued my decent into her trying to capture all the juice I could along the way; licking, slurping, and kissing as deep as I could. Her supple juiciness was running down my chin to my neck, in a river like flow.I flipped her over and laid on my back, guiding her so she could straddle my face. She hesitated for not a second, as she began gyrating and grinding her hips and pussy lips on my face. I dove my tongue back into her black hole of love diligently. I mean call me sea biscuit, because she was riding me hard and fast. I felt a change in here body, I knew she was close to her second orgasm, so I tried to pull her down on my face even more. Now with her movements, her clit was being stimulated by my nose. That coupled with the mouth work I was putting in sent her over the top. Clamping down like a vice grip, my head immobile as locked and dug her pussy into my face even harder in her climax. I thought I was going to die of suffocation how tight she'd locked her legs around me.I picked her up, legs still around my head; I spun around and laid her on the bed. We made eye contact and I still sense a deep fire in her eyes. I positioned my manhood for entry into her garden, and as I did so she opened her legs wider. In my mind her legs were the gate to this paradise of pleasure. “Are you ready to be completely taken by a man?"“Yes daddy please take me. Show what it is man can do please."I obliged and began rubbing my stiffness along her slit. She moaned with anticipation, and tried to buck her hip to force entry. “Love is to be made tonight remember?" I want this to be special for both of us this may be the first and only time I may have you, and I want to remember this night for the rest of my life." Where the fuck did all this sensual shit come from. There is something about this woman that evokes all kinds of feelings in me I never knew I could possess."Please make love to me Brandon." I pushed slow into her and instantly felt her tight walls grabbing me and pulling me in. her nails were digging into my ass cheeks as she steadily tried to pull me, but using my strength I was able control entry at my pace. Once in about half way I began a slow rhythm of in and out going in a little further each time. She moaned louder and louder the further I went in. Once seethed all the way in I froze my movement for a moment as our eyes met once again. I dipped my head and kissed her with every ounce of passion that was in my body. She began moaning into the kiss as I began my stroking her pussy long and slow." Ahhhhhh yooooouuuuuu fffffeeeeellll ssss ssssssooooo gooooddddd" she said breaking the kiss. I looked down at my love rod going in and out and was amazed at how her pussy was creaming on my oversized snicker bar."You like daddy dick baby."“I love daddy dick" she said breathing heavy. "Ohhhhhh DADDDY DICK BOUT' TO MAKE ME CUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!" As she cam my member began to tingle and I knew it wasn't going to be long before I popped off."Ohhhh Shit. I feel it......"“Yes daddy" she encouraged. “Fill me with your love potion. Make a real woman." With her words there was nothing else for me to do but spew the contents of me inside of her."Yes take my seed ahhhhhhhh. Be my woman yes ahhhhh."I exploded feeling bliss unknown to me before this night. We lay there in silence for a few; well for me, I was trying to gather myself and wrap my head around all that just took place. I could only assume that she was doing the same."Chey?""Mmmmmm yes"“You alright over there?"“Never better."“Word... I have to say awesome you are."“No no, you’re the awesome one."We chatted a few about what went down, before I asked if she cared to join me in the shower. She took my invitation and was treated to a complete body wash by me; of course I spent extra time in certain areas though she didn't seem mind much. In turn she washed me as well. Upon our exit I handed her a towel and fetched some old basketball shorts and a t-shirt for her to wear.After getting dressed we went down to the living room. We sat on the couch and I turned to boxing on HBO, it was just 11 so the main event was just about to start. After watching the first two rounds, Cheyenne said she had to be getting home. I was heartbroken to say the least, but even more why was I feeling so attached to her. I couldn't let her know the effect she was having on me, so I tried my damnedest to not let any emotions out. That is until we had one final kiss at her car. The passion in the kiss was unmistakable by both parties.“You know its ok for you to stay."I cursed myself as the words left my mouth.“I should really get going Rina is probably worried sick." Fuck I forgot about her girlfriend. Here I am falling for her and she's taken. I couldn’t believe myself.“Well I really enjoyed the day we've spent together love."“As have I honey."“Well you be safe on your way home lil lady."“Ok I will .....Umm I will call you tomorrow ok."I liked to do a backflip hearing those words, but I had to keep my cool.“Umm cool ok." With that she started her car and drove off. Back inside I was still pondering all of my feelings for her and what the hell made them so strong. ‘Why am I trippin like this, this has never happened to me. Is this love? Naw it cant't be...... can it.’ My thoughts were prematurely interrupted by my phone ringing. I rushed over to it thinking it would be Chey, but it looked like the number that had left me a message earlier."Hello"“Um hello Brandon?"“Yes this is he."“Hey this is Roxy, sorry to call so late but its really important and I need to talk to you."“Is all ok with your cable service? Did I damage something?""Um yes and no I guess. The cable and internet are fine, but I'm not.Holy shit what have I done, I didn't cum in her she can't be pregnant. I get tested every other month so I'm confident that I am clean. WTF is going on? "Oookkkkkk what’s wrong Roxy." I heard her sob a little through the phone."I I I am addicted to you.""What?"“You see when you left me the other day I I I couldn't get you off my mind, so much so that I dialed your number in my phone three times but didn't have the courage to call.""Ok, but why are you crying Roxy?" Is she crazy, aww not another one I thought.“It gets worse...... I called my best friend to vent and I asked her if she would do me to get you out of my head, she was the best female lover I knew so if anyone could get you out of my head it would be her...... or so I thought. Worst of all she has a girlfriend and she is a friend of mine as well. Hell I introduced those two"“So you got your best friend to do you even though she’s with your other friend.Whoa. Um well I’m a little lost for words right now." “Not once but twice, and top it all off both times I wishing it was you and not Rina fucking me."'WHAT THE FUCK'